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Friday 30 August 2013

Autumn Lady's-Tresses - Birling Gap 30/8/13

My 31st (and last) Orchid species of 2013 was seen today. This Autumn Lady's Tresses was one of many at Birling Gap today, though there are still many to come into flower. Of the 31 species, 5 have been new for me which are: 1- Sword-leaved Helleborine, 2- Marsh Helleborine, 3- Green-flowered Helleborine, 4- Narrow-lipped Helleborine and the 5th being the very rare Military Orchid.
2 new hybrids for me this year. The first was the Lady x Monkey Orchid and the second being a Common Spotted x Frog Orchid.
Next year I am aiming to hopefully clean up on what's left to see. 
Autumn Lady's Tresses at Birling Gap