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Wednesday 12 June 2019

Abbots Wood & Cuckmere Haven 12/6/19

Last night at Abbots Wood produced a pair of Nightjars in one of the open areas, but the air was cool and few moths were flying about and after a few brief flypasts that was that.

Totals are:

Nightjar - 2
Swift - 48 - a loose flock heading east towards Hailsham
Tawny Owl - 2 h/o
Nightingale - 2 h/o

This morning in the Cuckmere was once again quiet although a Lesser Whitethroat was in the seaward brambles, and three juvenile Rock Pipits were around the scrape. Sadly the ten Shelducklings have slowly reduced through the weeks, and have all but perished under the difficult living conditions that the Cuckmere has to offer.

Nightjar at Abbots Wood

presumed Noctule Bat

juv Rock Pipit - these being the first 
juveniles I've seen at this site.