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Monday, 10 June 2019

Peacehaven Osprey & Elton John 9/6/19

A walk between Peacehaven and Newhaven along the cliffs was as predicted very quiet, this being the norm of the spring. Though the walk was enlivened by a surprise Osprey that was coasting westbound at 11am and was then seen to head NW. The evening was spent watching Elton John live at Hove Cricket Ground. Not that I was searching much, but I didn't see a single Swift!!

On Saturday a walk to a Frog Orchid location failed once again to produce any of these, however I was delighted to re-find the Frog Orchid x Common Spotted Orchid hybrid that my dad first found back in 2013, and had shown intermittently ever since.

Osprey over Peacehaven

Fox cub at Peacehaven

Elton John at Hove Cricket Ground

Frog x Common Spotted Orchid