Lesser Florican - August 2023

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Wednesday 27 November 2019

Lower Cuckmere 27/11/19

A repeat of this time last year when I spent the majority of my time looking at the gulls in the Cuckmere. Today was no different with little else to get me motivated other than the large gull flock in the Lower Cuckmere. I had Jasper with me but he was very good and allowed me the time I needed to find a single adult Caspian Gull (different to the adult seen at the weekend and Monday) and a minimum of ten Yellow-legged Gulls that were spread from Exceat downwards.

The high tide was very exciting today as the water was passing over the riverbank, something that Jasper was not quite prepared for.

Adult Caspian Gull & 
adult Yellow-legged Gull

The small size and spread-wing shot 
indicates this as a different bird from previous days.