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Friday, 28 October 2022

Alpine Accentor in Suffolk - 28 October 2022

Arrived at first light this morning at the decent-looking Martello Tower at Slaughden, along the Suffolk coastline. I'm sure the usual temperatures in past years at this site in late October would have made it a very uncomfortable setting, however, it was mild today and made for a pleasant wait as we watched the sunrise.

Steve Wilson kindly drove me and we joined a few others at the tower in the darkness. Those few others were donned with thermal cameras, and much to our relief, a white blob on top of a drain meant the bird had stayed the night. It was then a case of waiting until it got partially light to discern the various features. 

Throughout the morning, the Alpine Accentor showed very well, either feeding amongst the vegetated shingle, or, posing nicely on the rocks below. A very nice morning out!

Alpine Accentor

Martello Tower