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Thursday 26 May 2016

Cevennes NP - Butterflies in late May

This is the first of three posts relating to my recent trip to the Cevennes NP with my Dad. The main focus originally were the Butterflies where in good springs we could have notched up around 50-60 species. But the spring as far has been cooler and therefore a reduced number of species were seen. However, a total of 32 species were identified, of which 12 were new for me. On our last day in the Cevennes, we were treated to superb conditions that allowed a good variety to be seen, and by late afternoon Dad thought to re-visit a meadow (located earlier in the day that hosted a few Fritillaries and Coppers) and found a roosting Weaver's Fritillary, and sure enough we made the most of photographing it and proved to be the highlight. Though not quite the Butterfly spectacle we had hoped for, the last day made it worth it.

Species seen are as follows:
Weaver's Fritillary                                     Chequered Blue
Queen of Spain Fritillary                           Green Underside Blue
Duke of Burgundy Fritillary                         Meadow Brown
Swallowtail                                                   Common Blue
Scarce Swallowtail                                      Brown Argus
Red Admiral                                                 Southern White Admiral
Large Tortoiseshell                                    Comma
Brimstone                                                     Wood White
Large White                                                  Painted Lady
Orange-Tip                                                   Green Hairstreak
Provencal Orange-Tip                               Sooty Copper
Red Underside Skipper                              Small Copper
Grizzled Skipper                                           Small Heath
Speckled Wood                                            Clouded Yellow
Wall Brown                                                  Dingy Skipper
Holly Blue                                                   
Black-eyed Blue - 3 possibles seen

Provencal Orange-Tip - this egg-laying female was a surprise. This species used to be Moroccan Orange-Tip but has recently been split, with the latter logically enough flying in Morocco, whist this Butterfly is spread around Spain and South France.
Red Underside Skipper on a Man Orchid (no human interference here whatsoever)
Orange-Tips mating above Pont de Montvert
Green Underside Blue
 probable Black-eyed Blue in lowlands - still not 100% with this but the underwing markings is the closest fit
 Large Tortoiseshell in Pont de Montvert
 Scarce Swallowtail in Pont de Montvert
 Chequered Blue in a low altitude meadow
 Queen of Spain Fritillary above Pont de Montvert

 Sooty Copper above Pont de Montvert
Duke of Burgundy Fritillary above Pont de Montvert

the stunning Weaver's Fritillary above Pont de Montvert