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Wednesday 25 January 2017

Cuckmere Haven 25/1/17

A quick jaunt down the Cuckmere before work wasn't too bad. I walked the east side with only a flushed Water Rail being of note. A quick look out at sea produced a good flow of Divers and Auks heading east. On the return route I scanned over to the west side and checked the Gulls and was not overly surprised to find a juv. Glaucous Gull (two birds being present at Arlington yesterday). Just as I started walking off having photographed this individual, a second Glaucous Gull appeared flying up river, which then turned around and settled close to the first individual. When I left an hour later both birds were still present although other Gulls were constantly heading off north, presumably to Arlington. The Barnacle Geese were also still present.

 first Glaucous Gull
the second and much smaller Glaucous Gull, though unfortunately not small enough