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Friday 13 January 2017

Splash Point & Lower Cuckmere 12/1/17

After the school run I went down Splash Point for my first seawatch of the year. It wasn't too bad but I was hoping for some cold weather movement or at least a white-winged Gull.

Totals between 9.05-10.05 Wind SW 3-4:

Common Scoter - 15E
Auk sp. - 144W (all very distant)
Red-throated Diver - 4E + 10W
Gannet - 56W

Afterwards I decided to check if there were any Gulls in the Cuckmere. Approaching from Chyngton Farm I was pleased to see a large gathering in front of me, and was even more pleased when I found a juvenile Glaucous Gull mixed in. Setting up the scope a further scan produced 2 Caspian Gulls (1w & 2w), but then all the Gulls got flushed and most headed inland, some out to sea with only a couple of hundred remaining, that included the second-winter Caspo. I didn't see the Glauc again, but thankfully ADW found presumably the same bird at Arlington roughly half-hour later.

On the 11th I was on standby and decided to wait up at LGW right on the Sussex border. I found a pair of Ring-necked Parakeets straight away but they were in a tree bang on the border and the branch they were on seemed to be overhanging into Surrey. My best attempts couldn't get them to fly south, so I had to keep on walking around. Fortunately it didn't take too long before another pair done the decent thing and flew into Sussex.

 juv. Glaucous Gull in Lower Cuckmere
2w Caspian Gull in Lower Cuckmere (apologies for two horrendous phone-scoped pics)