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Wednesday 25 March 2020

Spoonbills 25/3/20

After another seawatch that this time proved to be uneventful, news from further west of some migrating Spoonbills was enough for me to venture down the road to the clifftops of Peacehaven. Roughly half hour since they were spotted passing Worthing, the group of four Spoonbills were seen flying close inshore.

Sadly I can't have it as a seawatch tick, but it was a lovely sight.

From today, my permanent residence will now be across the border into Hampshire. This is only for work purposes, ensuring that every weekend I shall be returning to the patch full of optimism. The move will also give me a great opportunity to visit sites that are hardly watched along the far western extremities of Sussex - not just for birds, but for orchids and alike.

Four spoonbills off Peacehaven