Lesser Florican - August 2023

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Tuesday 20 February 2018

Lower Cuckmere 20/2/18

Back to the normal winter birding routine, but with much less enthusiasm as the tropical birding is still flowing freshly through the veins. Last week a look at the Cuckmere Gull roost produced nothing of interest, but it was nice to see a large Gull. Afterwards I twitched the Bluethroat at West Rise that took all of two minutes to show itself.

Today another look at the Cuckmere Gull roost only produced an adult Mediterranean Gull. Despite plenty of Gulls 'coasting' today, the flock wasn't of any substantial size. Hoping to draw away from the Gulls as the weather slowly improves this week, allowing hopefully a few raptors and Woodpeckers to start displaying.

Bluethroat at West Rise Marsh 15/2/18