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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Taiwan - Day 1 - 2/12/14

Jinshan area incl. Huangqing Rd and Yehliu
Our first day in Taiwan was spent at the NE tip of the island hoping to catch up with some late migrants. I only suffered from a bit of jet lag, but still the first day was very long and by the end I was wilting. However a good range of species seen including one endemic and a couple of Rubythroats being the main highlights.  We finished the day at Wulai where we tried for a Mountain Scops Owl by the police 'station'. 

Youth Hotel
Daurian Redstart - 4
Pale Thrush - 5
Japanese Bush Warbler - 1
Rustic Bunting - 1
Olive-backed Pipit - 2
Dusky Thrush - 1

Shitoushan Park
No sign of the Japanese Robin seen the day before!! 
Grey Treepie - 3
Black-naped Monarch - 5
Japanese White Eye - 20
Peregrine - 1
Cormorant sp. - 2 (either Great or Japanese, but too distant)

Huangqing Rd
Spot-billed Duck - 20
Vinous-throated Parrotbill - 7 (P.w. bulomachus)
Black-faced Bunting - 3
Golden-headed Cisticola - 5 (C.e. volitans)
Black-collared Starling - 1
Black-shouldered Kite - 2
Created Goshawk - 1
Osprey - 1
Scaly-breasted Munia - ca.20

Yehliu Geopark
Siberian Rubythroat - 2 males - amazing views of one male
Brown Booby - 1 flew South 
Brown-headed Thrush - 1 male
Red-flanked Bluetail - 2
Dusky Warbler - 3
Japanese Bush Warbler - 5
Spotted Dove - 4
Pacific Reef Egret - 1

Wulai Police Station
Mountain Scops Owl - 1 

 Taiwan Scimitar Babbler at Shitoushan Park - our first endemic of the trip
 winter-plumaged Golden-headed Cisticola along the Huangqing Road
 Black-faced Bunting along the Huangqing Road
 Dusky Thrush along the Huangqing Road
 Pacific Reef Egret at Yehliu
 Japanese Bush Warbler at Yehliu
 Brown Booby off Yehliu
 the view from Shitoushan Park - the first four letters of the park is probably the best way to describe the birding here!!
 the river along Huangqing Road
 the famous migration point at Yehliu
 the strange Geology that Yehliu is known for by many tourists
our hotel/prison