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Tuesday 16 December 2014

Taiwan - Day 10 - 11/12/14

South Point, Ying Do Ecology Park and Alishan
A fantastic day today. It started off well seeing the Taiwan Bulbul, before heading north for a couple of hours to Ying Do (also brilliant views of a Black Eagle over the main road) where a whole host of species were seen. Last stop was the mountainous area of Alishan and then Firefly guesthouse. We had booked the hides in the forests there for the evening and was not disappointed, and then things got even better when Mr Lei (the owner) took us out on a mini excursion to spot the White-faced Flying Squirrel. We saw 4 of these beautiful endemic mammals, and was one of the highlights of the whole trip for me. 

South Point
Brown-headed Thrush - 4
Black Drongo - 1

Ying Do Ecology Park
Maroon Oriole - 5 (O.(t.) ardens)
Taiwan Barbet - 1
Crested Goshawk - 2
Oriental Turtle Dove - ca. 20
White-bellied Green Pigeon - 1
Black-naped Oriole - 2
Black-winged Cuckoo Shrike - 1
Manchurian Bush Warbler - 1
Black-naped Monarch - 20
Oriental Honey Buzzard - 1
Crested Serpant Eagle - 1
Black Bulbul - 40

Alishan incl. Firefly Lodge and hides
Swinhoe's Pheasant - 7
Taiwan Hill Partridge - 5
White-tailed Robin - 2 superb males (M.l. montium)
Snowy-browed Flycatcher - 1 male (F.h. innexa)
Taiwan Whistling Thrush - 1 male
Vivid Niltava - 1

White-faced Flying Squirrel - 4

 Taiwan Bulbul in South Taiwan
Maroon Oriole at Ying Do
 White-tailed Robin from the hide
 Crested Serpent Eagle at Alishan
 Snowy-browed Flycatcher at Alishan (taken by Chris Glanfield)
White-faced Flying Squirrel at Alishan (taken by Chris Glanfield)
 Ying Do ecology park
 lower Alishan
 Firefly lodge
 the hide at Firefly lodge

Playing with bugs