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Saturday 20 December 2014


An amazing trip to this small island off the east coast of China with Chris Glanfield, Ian Barnard, Dan & Mike Booker, Harry Ramm and Steve Gent from the States. The main focus were the endemic birds where we managed to see all but two, these being Rufous-crowned Laughingthrush and Taiwan Bush Warbler. Not bad going for the time of year. It was also good to get on Kinmen Island for a small taster of the Chinese birds as well. 

My trip list was 220 species which included 99 lifers. 

Other bits of interest was the superb endemic and nocturnal White-faced Flying Squirrel, Formosan Macaques and a whole host of Butterfly and Dragonfly species, which Chris thankfully photographed an identified most. 

The weather was mainly good with a couple of days being foggy, or wet or in one case absolutely blooming freezing, but in the lowlands it was very hot. The scenery was breathtaking, especially in the north where most of the Endemics are. 

A very worthwhile trip, and many thanks to David Cooper for some last minute info and his detailed blog from his trip there last autumn. 

Looking forward to the next trip, which is just as well as its only three weeks away when I go to South Africa, concentrating on the Northern Cape and volunteering on a game reserve near the Kruger.