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Tuesday 16 December 2014

Taiwan - Day 11 - 12/12/14

Alishan Area, Jhanshu Township and Jiji Ecology Park
A knock on the door at 4am was not the best way to wake up, but this was only because a Brown Hawk Owl was sat on the wires outside our rooms. When it did get light, we hopped on the back of Mr Liu's truck and headed up the mountain flushing three Malayan Night Herons. Despite our 'best' efforts, we still couldn't find a Rusty Laughingthrush. We soon headed north to the above locations with the highlights below. We stayed in Wushe for the night ready for our last day of birding tomorrow. 

Brown Hawk Owl - 1
Malayan Night Heron - 3
Dusky Fulvetta - 3
Steere's Liocichla - 4
Rufous-capped Babbler - 1 (S.r. praecognita)

Jhanshu Township
Collared Scops Owl - 2 roosting in the temple
Crested Goshawk - 1

Jiji Ecology Park
Malayan Night Heron - 2
Night Heron - 20
White-rumped Shama - 1

 White-eared Sibia at Alishan
 Plumbeous Redstart at Alishan
 Collared Scops Owl at Jhanshu
 Malayan Night Heron at Jiji
 the view from my balcony at Firefly Lodge
 Upper Alishan
 Mike and Chris doing their best to find a Laughingthush
Home of the Collared Scops Owls