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Tuesday 16 December 2014

Taiwan - Day 5 - 6/12/14

Dasyeushan Road/Anmashan Area, Bamboo Trail and several stops down the mountain

A relief this morning to see clear blue skies, no wind and surprisingly some frost. We walked the grounds around the resort seeing very little before walking the bamboo trail. On our way back down the mountain we stopped at km23 where we got lucky with a Taiwan Hill Partridge. After this, we drove south for a couple of hours where we spent the night in the small village of Bodai. The only disappointment today was the Laughingthrushes when after several attempts of trying to find some, we drew a blank. 

Snow Mountain Resort
Dusky Thrush - 6
Asian House Martin - 2
Collared Bush Robin - 1 male
Plus the usual flocks of Tits and Yuhinas. 

Bamboo Trail
Vinaceous Rosefinch - 2 incl. 1 male (C.v. formosanus)
Yellow(ish)-bellied Bush Warbler - 5 (C.a. concolor)
Nutcracker - 3 (N.c. owstoni)
Little Grebe - 1
Mikado Pheasant - 1 male

Park entrance
Ashy Woodpigeon - 50+
Yellow Tit - 1
Crested Goshawk - 1

KM 23
Swinhoe's Pheasant - 4

 Steere's Liocichla at Snow Mountain resort
 Nutcracker at km 48
 A very showy Mikado Pheasant at Anmashan
 Yellow-bellied Bush Warbler at Anmashan

Dasyeushan Reserve